Black hole
The black hole glitch is a glitch in Melee that causes several of Peach's turnips to become stuck in a small area. If a character touches the concentrated turnips, they will receive massive damage in seconds. The glitch was discovered by Aftermath and Juce in late 2004. There are several ways to perform the glitch. This glitch does not work in Brawl for several reasons, the main reason being the inability to perform the Infinite super scope glitch.

How to perform the glitchEdit

Method #1Edit


  • 2 Fox/Falco
  • 1 Peach
  • 1 optional character (must be teamed with a Fox or Falco, with Friendly Fire turned off)
  • With Ness as the optional character, you can add on to the black hole with his PK Fire (forward B) to make the Supernova.


  • Super scope
  • Items such as Flippers and Freezes can be thrown at the Black hole for additional effects.

Stage Edit

  • Hyrule Temple .


  1. Have the Foxes/Falcos stand on opposite platforms with a place for someone to stand underneath them.
  2. Have the character who is on the same team as Fox/Falco get a Super Scope.
  3. Fire five sets of three uncharged bullets, and then fire two fully charged bullets. Have the character charge up another shot, but get hit while doing so. The Super Scope will now have infinite ammo.
  4. Have the Foxes/Falcos initiate their shines.
  5. Have the player with the super scope stand behind the Fox/Falco on its team, and commence firing. The balls should reflect off of both shines, creating a stream of glowing balls flying back and forth.
  6. Have Peach jump into the shots. You will see that when she jumps into it, a blue ball-like thing appears. Have Peach jump into the shots several more times. Also, stop firing then commence firing to help it go faster.
  7. After a little while, there should be a steady beam of blueish-green and a strange noise. Have Peach throw 15 or so turnips into it. Then, once there is a mass of turnips in the blue beam, disrupt either Fox or Falco's shine.
  8. You should have a mass of turnips floating in the air. Which you can do just about anything to.
  9. If you jump into the turnips, you will receive a lot of damage very quickly. While being hit by the turnips, you can DI into them to stay in longer, or away to pop out.

Method #2Edit

There is another way to do the black hole glitch.


  • Peach
  • Ice climbers


  • Hyrule Temple


  • Two super scopes


1.First, have the Ice Climbers grab two super scopes.

2.Then, do the Infinete super scope glitch (5 sets of 3 shots, followed by 2 fully charged shots, and then get attacked while charging the super scope.)

3.Then, have the Ice Climbers shoot their guns. If the bullets come out in pairs (oo oo oo) have someone attack only one of the Ice Climbers to alter the pattern until it becomes a straight line (o o o o o).

4.Then, have Peach throw 15 or more turnips into the stream of bullets while Ice Climbers keeps shooting.

Method #3Edit

This is similar to the first alternate method


  • 2 Ice Climbers
  • 1 Peach


Any flat, calm stage (no movement unique to the stage) that is longer than the range of the Super Scope


4 super scopes


1. Get both Ice climbers each get 2 super scopes.

2.Then, let all 4 of the super scopes do the Infinite Super scope glitch.

3.At the edge of the flat stage, let then all shot rapidly. It should appear dense (oooooo) instead of having places where they are focused in some positions.(● ● ● ● ● ● or something like that)

4.Let Peach throw turnips (toward the Ice climbers) at the tip of the range, constantly being hit while throwing. Unlike the previous two methods, the turnips stand vertically up in a uniform manner, but it still has the same properties. Throw at least 15 turnips.

5.Finally, let the 2 Ice Climbers stop. Unless the turnips aren't dense enough, they will stay in the same place (on the ground, again unlike the previous two)

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