How to performEditEdit

[1]How to set up the level for this glitch.To do this glitch, first, make a level containing the setup in the picture. The setup can be "flipped" and it will still work. Also, only one solid ramp is needed (the picture has more only to show that all three ramps will work). Wario must be near, or further up from where he is in the picture. Now, while on the ground, use Wario's bike, and go down the hill, while performing a wheelie. When Wario reaches the solid platform, the bike's top tire should be overlapping (inside) the platform. If performed correctly, Wario should teleport from the "hill" going down, and suddenly appear on the solid platform above, even though the platform is solid, and Wario was underneath the platform when it happened. All the ramps in the picture will work, but Wario must be driving a bit slower for it to work with the middle one. Also, Wario can "float" up to the platform, if the control stick is pressed only slightly while moving forward, for a smaller wheelie.

This glitch can also be performed by the Landmaster. If the Landmaster uses its hovering capabilities while under the ramp it will "teleport" above it.

If you create a custom stage that is shaped like a thin rectangle, and put one missing on top, it will work. The player must be Wario. He must be on the left, do the bike, and perform a wheelie. If performed correctly, Wario should teleport far on the right and if you do the Wario bike slowly on left or right, he might go through a wall like Meta Knight's Drill Rush and Ike's Aether.

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